At a loss for (french) words.

Yesterday turned into a “quantity over quality” day.  I had a grand total of twenty minutes to shoot a bit of Nordic Combined ski jumping.  From there, it was a brisk walk to the Ice Planet Hoth Biathlon Center for the Mixed Relay.  I wrapped up the evening by shooting the Nordic Combined 10k Gunderson (A fancy word for pursuit.)

We’ve seen more than a handful of impressive performances during these Olympics.  That list would be incomplete without Martin Fourcade.  With the exception of the 20km individual race where he had an uncharacteristic two misses in his last approach, Fourcade has dominated the biathlon and nearly single-handedly won the mixed relay for France.  I had a chance to be in the range for his two shooting stops and the speed in which Fourcade works is hard to describe.  He comes in fast, shoots fast and leaves fast.  Given my limited “mémère francais,” we’ll settle for “magnifique,” but it just doesn’t do justice to what he’s accomplished in Pyeongchang.

Team Sprint Relays today!


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