Grab a bowl of kimchi and a Kass, you’re going to want to watch these races…

It’s easy to make fun of the Olympics.  They clearly haven’t figured out how to deal with institutional, state-sponsored doping.  The Games are pricing themselves out of every market through excess and greed.  (Read this article.)  Their approach to media is archaic — on a good day.

But dang, we’re seeing fantastic ski racing.  So grab yourself a bowl of kimchi and a Kass, kick the dog off the couch and watch today’s Men’s 4×10 relay and the Men’s Mass Start Biathlon.  You’ll see the rise of a possible once-in-a-lifetime talent.  You’ll see a 15k biathlon mass start race come down to a fraction of an inch — with one athlete pounding the ground, only to then find out that he actually won.

Trust me — you won’t be disappointed.

Martin Fourcade (FRA)


3.3k later, one of these skiers will be a gold medalist.


One of the goals for this trip was to get better at remote cameras.  I still have a ways to go.




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