Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.

Today was, by design, an easy one.

The best piece of advice I received from other photographers prior to the Olympics was to “pace myself.”  9:00am to 1:00am is a young person’s game, especially over twenty-one days.

So I shot just one event — the Men’s 15k Free Interval Start.  And it was the “Super Dario Show” from beginning to end.  It’s impossible to comprehend how someone can defend a title across THREE Olympics, but Switzerland’s Dario Cologna did just that today and by an impressive margin.  The other kick-butt race was by the USA’s Scott Patterson (UVM & APU).  He’s had a great Olympics so far.

Tomorrow it’s the Women’s 4x5k, hopefully, the Women’s 12.5k biathlon mass start and — with a bit more luck — time on the Large Hill.

Scott Patterson (USA)
Super Dario for the win!
Simen Hegstad Krueger (NOR) waiting to see if he keeps Silver.
Andrew Musgrave (GBR) on the backside of the Alpensia XC course.
Surprised to see that my kids are here.
Erik Bjornsen (USA)
Some of Super Dario’s Swiss fans
I’m 99.99% sure that this is Dario’s partner because he got something in his eye right after this greeting.


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