Vive La France!

Given the troubles mentioned in my earlier post, I’m going to skip the Women’s Biathlon Pursuit other than to say that Laura Dahlmeier (GER) has nerves of steel.  She absolutely crushed that race and I’m sure Fasterskier will have a great write-up.

On the Men’s side, Martin Fourcade (FRA) came back with a vengeance.  Fourcade is the odds on favorite for all the biathlon races and there was grumbling in the Press Room about his loss to a German in the Sprint.  All that talk came to an end last night.

And how about Tim Burke?  He drove through half of Europe last night, climbing 30 places to finish 17th.  Amazing performance.

Sprint Day here today!!

Lowell Bailey on his way out of the stadium.
American fans.
Tim Burke had an incredible race, moving up 30 places.


#14 on the far left is a 20 year old Swede who now owns a silver medal.
There’s a bunch of these scattered around the Planet Hoth Biathlon Center.
Vive la France!  Martin Fourcade (FRA) for the win!

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