Opening Ceremonies

By this point, you’ve all settled your “Will the Tongan go bare chested? ” wagers, so I’ll go ahead and make this post.

For the record, it was as cold as Katie Couric almost certainly told you.  It’s a sneaky kind of cold here in Pyeongchang.  You don’t notice it for a bit and all of a sudden, you’re googling hypothermia symptoms.  Bottom line — “shirts off” to the Tongan.  That was impressive.  Foolish, perhaps, but impressive.

That goes ditto for the whole Opening.  I didn’t have the best seats (Absolutely no view of the flame), but a great ceremony.  And I wouldn’t be doing service to the organizing committee if I didn’t mention how smoothly the transportation system operated.  I had heard horror stories from past Olympics, but I walked out of the stadium took a few photos, jumped on a bus and was home.

Racing starts today with the Women’s 7.5×7.5 Skiathlon and Women’s 7.5k sprint.  The first at 4:15pm and the second at 8:15pm.  Should be awesome.

I’ll confess — I was hoping that the tiger would eat at least one of the children.  THAT would be a ratings driver…
Please tell me that Rick Wakeman had a hand in the Opening.  #lasers
The sign was genius. The mask adds a little twist. #pyeongchang2018 – ©


This was just after I googled “hypothermia symptoms”
The closest I got to seeing the flame.
Next time I\’ll know — if you’re facing the IOC, you’re facing the back of the stage. But great Opening Ceremonies.




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