“Most of my heroes still don’t appear on no stamp…”

Upcoming competition magic aside, the Olympics come with their share of headaches.  Security.  The photo position waltz.  Trying to find food.  Avoiding the flu.  You name it.

But there are also incredible moments and I had one yesterday.  Coming back from the jumping stadium, I found myself standing next to another photographer.  Around his neck was a Nikon bag, a Canon camera, a Sony A9 and a Mamiya medium format.  I might have made a joke about “camera format Yahtzee winner.”  We chatted for a bit and rode back to the Press Center together.

Turns out, it was David Burnett.

I really can’t do justice to David’s work.  Rolling Stone, Bob Marley, Viet Nam, Presidents, primaries, Olympics — David has covered nearly everything under the sun during his career and with a style that is remarkable.  He’s here with the IOC and has a media pass that looks like it belongs to a retired French general.  His job is to convey the spirit of the Games on behalf of the International Olympic Committee.  And yes, he goes anywhere he damn well pleases…

David’s galleries are here.  I encourage you to check them out — particularly his Olympic work.

And here’s an interview that also popped in my feed that’s worth a look.


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