Pyeongchang Olympics T-3

Made the trip from Seoul to Pyeongchang late this morning and spent the rest of the day taking care of a million details.  Here’s nine of them :

  1. Picked up my Opening Ceremonies ticket from the USOC.
  2. Signed the IOC “Photographer’s Undertaking” document and picked up my green armband.  Received a stern warning that armband replacement takes least 24 hours.
  3. Signed in at Nikon.
  4. Did a quick walk of the cross-country stadium.
  5. Bantered with Paddy Calwell about the very “different” American flag on Team USA’s xc race hat.  Attempted to distance myself from its creation.
  6. Caught a bit of Team Canada Cross-Country’s press conference at the MPC.  Stayed long enough to hear Alex Harvey patiently explain that the cold weather shouldn’t be a factor because “…Canada is cold too.”
  7. Saw Ida. I think it was a different “Ida Sargent” with thumb issues, because this one seems great.
  8. Met Peggy Shinn.  Peggy wrote this book.
  9. Had a ramen noodle soup that was as hot as the surface as the sun.  Took a photo because my wife won’t believe I ate it.

All in all, a pretty good day.

Opening Ceremony Photographer’s ticket and the magic green armband.
Team Canada Press Conference just before Alex Harvey gave a weather report.  (But Kershaw clearly anticipates the question.)
#whatthumbproblem? - ©
Ida Sargent
I suspect that every photographer in Korea will take a version of this photo over the next twenty days.
Surface. Of. The. Sun.

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