Slalom on The Narrow Gauge

Had a chance to grab my gear and shoot a couple runs of an Eastern Development race here at Sugarloaf this week.  The race is traditionally the last before Christmas and typically has a fair number of college and prep school skiers fresh out of finals.  It’s a split series — the men are at Sugarloaf and the women race down the road at Sunday River.

I’ve shot this race a few times.  Invariably it takes place on the Winter solstice — the day in which the famous Narrow Gauge race trail is at its darkest, bluest and without a shadow to be found.

An old coach told me once that “…giant slalom is like a slow dance with your girlfriend, but slalom is like a knife fight in a small room.”  Always a fun to shoot and — this early in the season —  just a little intimidating.

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