“Any interest in shooting the Olympics for us?”

And with that question from FasterSkier editor, Alex Kochon on June 30th, this next adventure began.

To be honest, the idea of going to South Korea had come up in an earlier conversation.  Tom Kelly, the venerable press officer of the U.S. Ski Team had mentioned earlier in the Spring that he might be able find an extra “EP” credential — the prized photo pass — if I thought I’d like to shoot the events.  The normal procedure requires an application two years prior to Opening Ceremonies, but Tom is part magician and thought he could expedite the process.  I was in the middle of a work project and never followed-up on the offer.

So it was an easy decision when Alex reached out.  Turns out it was the same pass that Tom floated earlier.  I’d be responsible for shooting all the cross-country, biathlon and nordic combined races for Fasterskier.  I’d go as part of a three person team — Jason Albert and Chelsea Little.  Jason is best known for his fantastic Nordic Nation podcast.  And Chelsea has been part of Fasterskier for as long as I can remember.  Now a doctoral candidate in Switzerland, she’s has also become one of the most knowledgeable writers on PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) and doping in sport.

On my end, I’d need to clear it with a few folks.  February is a busy time across my assorted responsibilities.  But as Stephen Kircher – the CEO of Boyne Resorts told me — “Once in a lifetime opportunities don’t come around too often.”

So it’s off to PyeongChang in February.  In the meantime, I’ll keep this blog — somehow I think this will be a process worth remembering.

Mass Start 50k Championships
Start of Men’s 50k at 2015 U.S. Cross-Country Ski Championships


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